From Fall 2014 thru January 5, 2015, we mailed notices to class members to apprise them of the proposed settlement and this website, which is intended to provide information on the settlement and allow for the submission of claims online.  Please refer to the links to the left for important information and forms for the settlement.  


By Court order, the time to submit a claim has passed.


The federal district court approved the settlement in June 2015. Based on that order, we anticipated mailing out settlement payments by early Fall 2015. Unfortunately, six different appeals were filed in connection with the settlement, forcing Hyundai to halt any settlement payments. The court heard oral arguments in early February.  It is currently unclear how long the court will take to make their decision.  Until those appeals are resolved by the courts, we are not able to move things forward and mail out the settlement payments. We apologize for the inconvenience. You can check this website for the most current information.


As of January 21, 2018, the court has not made a decision.